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Antares rents 121 full furnished studentrooms to students who attend an education or exchange program at the Fontys College in Venlo. The studentsroom are named "Delos", located at Pastoor Op Heijstraat and "Carpe Diem" at Doctor Cuypersstraat. All locatians are situated in Venlo.


  • Complaints and problems

    Repair request
    A technical defect in your apartment or room is quite annoying. Report your repair request then immediately to Antares by calling (077) 373 36 66. We try to solve your problem as soon as possible.
    Do you have urgent problems in the evening or at night, for example a leakage. 
    Please call +31 77 373 36 66. In case of fire call 112.

    Problem in your complex 
    Are there other problems in your complex? Talk to your fellow students or talk to the district manager that visit your complex. Of course you can always send an e-mail to

  • Looking for a room

    Are you an international student who is studying at Fontys Venlo?
    Maybe you can rent a room at Antares! Sign Fontys International Office to inquire whether a room is available and if you qualifyFontys determines who can rent a room

    All rooms are assigned randomly. Exchange is not possible. Do you have a preference given to Fontys? Then we are trying to keep them.

  • How to contact Antares

    Venloseweg 7
    5931 GR Venlo - Tegelen
    Phone: +31 77 373 36 66 

    Our businesshours
    in the afternoon only by appointment (monday untill thursday)

    monday   08.30 - 12.30
    tuesday   08.30 - 12.30
    wednesday   08.30 - 12.30 
    thursday   08.30 - 12.30
    friday   08.30 - 12.30

    How to get to the Antares office
    From the central station Venlo you can take bus number 66, It takes about 15 minuten to get to the busstop "Lingspad" where you leave the bus and walk about 100 meters to our office.

  • How to pay your rent

    The first invoice has to be paid before you arrive in Venlo. We advise you to transfer the total amount of the first invoice (including the deposit) on time by bank. The first invoice can be paid to our Dutch bank account NL07 INGB 0001 1524 48 in favor of "Antares Woonservice" or by credit card upon arrival. After we received your first rent you sign the contract and get your keys. 

    Antares sends monthly an invoice. The rent must be within the 1st of the month. Make it yourself easy by paying by direct debit, please quote your customer number. Antares takes the rent then every 1st of the month off your account. Everything is going automatically! Please quote your customer number.

  • Contract

    Can I differ from the start- and enddate
    No, the start- and enddate are set according to the studiesemesters in collaboration with Fontys. There is no exception possible. For questions about this you can contact Fontys International Office.

    Soon my contract will expire...
    Your contract will automatically expire. Approximately one month before, you get an e-mail from Antares with all the information you need, also in connection with the deposit that you will receive back.

    How do I leave the room
    The whole appartment (including your room) must be clean. The room must be left in the same condition in which you get the room. This means that you have to removed all your personal items. All the inventory of Antares must be kept in good condition. This also applies to the inventory in the common areas. The following guidelines will help you to leave your room as should,

    How can I drop the keys
    The key can compromise on the day of departure:
    Pastoor Op Heijstraat: there is a mailbox mounted in the door on the left side of the storerooms.
    Doctor Cuypersstraat: you can find a mailbox in the bicyble storage / laundry room.
    You can also bring the keys back to the office of Antares at Venloseweg 7, Venlo - Tegelen.

  • Save energy

    This is only for our complex Carpe Diem at Doctor Cuypersstraat

    The Display
    To save energy, Toon goes automatically to the dim position. In the ‘Slapen’ (Sleep) or ‘Weg’ (Away) level settings the display is completely black. Tap one time on the display and Toon is once again lit. By ‘Systeem’ (System) under Menu you can set the time and the density of the light to your personal choice. 

    On the left-hand side of the Home display you can see in one single image the most important current information: the current outside temperature and the time, the weather and your current energy and gas usage. By gas you can see your total gas usage to the present moment. The three flames indicate how hard the boiler is burning. The temperature should be set after Toon has been installed. Toon offers four temperature levels: ‘Weg’ (Away), ‘Thuis’ (Home), ‘Slapen’ (Sleep) en ‘Comfort’ (Comfortable). Press ‘Instellen’ (Setting) to set these levels to your own personal preference. You can easily change these at a later date via ‘Standen’ (Levels) in the Menu.

    Setting your weekly programme
    You see below how you can set a weekly programme. There are also more options in the user guide.

    You can now set your weekly programme. This means that you can automatically regulate the temperature in your house. Your house is then comfortably warm when you want it and you don’t use the heating when its not necessary, for instance if you are sleeping or away. Per day you can set a maximum of six periods. Per period you can choose from the levels ‘Weg’, ‘Thuis’, ‘Slapen’ en ‘Comfort’. Go to Menu and choose ‘Programma’. Choose a day and press ‘Wijzigen’ (Change) to change a particular day.

    Your thermostat
    Press ‘symbool’ (symbol) if you want to change a particular period. For instance if you are leaving at 8.00 instead of 7.30. Press here also if you want to delete a particular period. Press ‘+’ if you want to add a period. With ‘Opslaan’ (Save) you can save the changes. You can also change the programme at a later date in this way.
    Overview of your energy usage

    Overview of your present usage.
    How much energy are you using at the moment? You can always see this directly on the display ‘Home’. Would you like to better understand what these indications mean for you? Choose then for the display ‘Stroom’ (Electricity) or ‘Gas’.
    For more insight into your ‘Stroom’:
    • Above left you see your lowest usage of the day and what this costs
    • Above right you see the usage for the last three days and what your electricity costs were per day
    • Below left you see the peaks in your electricity usage for the last four hours
    • Below right you see the actual usage in comparison with the estimated usage set by Eneco for the year

    The display ‘Gas’ is the same as the display ‘Stroom’ above. The display ‘Gas’ is not displayed here.
    As soon as you have saved any changes the programme will automatically switch ON.

    Problems and solutions
    • Have you not been able to completely solve the problem? Refer to the user guide. You can find this on
    • At you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Toon.
    • For questions about problems or faults with Toon you can also contact the Supportdesk for Toon at Eneco. You can reach one of our staff members via telephone number 0900-2353632 (local rate), Monday to Friday from 08.00 till 18.00.
    • If the display indicates a problem with the boiler, contact Antares (077) 373 36 66.


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