Checklist departure

If your study has come to an end, your stay in your apartment/ room will end as well. When you arrived, you found the apartment clean and with al the equipment needed. Before you leave, we kindly ask you to take into account the following checklist:


Empty and clean the room before you leave
The only things that stay behind are the inventory that belong to the apartment. Everything you bought yourself you need to remove or take with you. That also applies to furniture (like couches, chairs) and other stuff, like carpets, duvets and pillows.

Take all your personal belongings with you
That also includes clothes and food items.

As a tenant, you are liable for any damage to: 

  • Furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Curtains
  • Fixtures and fitting

When we detect damage that is not reported, we will charge you for the damage that is done. That also applies to the lack of any inventory.

If the room is not clean and empty, or in case of any damage or lack of inventory, we are forces to charge you for the costs that have to me made to fix this.  We will withhold those costs on you deposit.

We remind you that you signed for these rules are in your contract. Therefore, we expect you to respect this checklist. If there are any questions about the departure, please contact us:

Hopefully, you’ve had a wonderful time in Venlo. Thank you for your stay!