Questions & answers

If you rent a student room from Antares, and there are any inconveniencies, malfunctions or questions, you can contact Antares. Preferably by mail: We will check this mailbox every workday. If you mail us in the weekend or in the evening, we will take action on the next workday. For opening hours, please check our contact information.


Are there urgent matters on the time that Antares is closed? Please call 077 373 36 66. Our 24-hour service will make an estimation whether it is urgent or it can wait until the next workday. For example: if you’ve locked yourself out or the boiler broke down, it is urgent; if the washing machine or elevator dont work, it can wait.


In case of emergency, please call 112. You will get in contact with the control room of all the emergency services: fire brigade, police and ambulance.